Donations For Standing Rock Reservation at Hinckley, MN Show on Oct. 22


Attn those of you attending our 10/22 show in Hinckley, MN:

We will be collecting much needed supplies for the several camps set up protesting the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline on the Standing Rock reservation.  Winter is closing in and it comes early and intensely in that part of the country.  Please help if you can by bringing items to our merch booth and as our thanks to you, we’ll give you a cd of your choice for your donation.  Dave Simonett will be driving the supplies out to Standing Rock the next day and delivering them fully adorned with all of your love and support.  If you want to help but can’t bring anything at the time of the show, they are always in need of funds and/or anything you can do to draw attention to their fight…which is also everyone’s fight. The oil companies involved have tried dogs, pepper spray, and various other nefarious tactics in their attempt to expel the people from the land.  Next they will use winter. If you can help make that challenge a little less daunting, your help will be appreciated greatly.  Our national media thus far has only given cursory coverage to the situation and word has spread mainly by word of mouth by those concerned, so awareness is a wonderful donation if gear and/or cash aren’t realistic for you at this time.


Listed below are some of the camps’ sites and a partial list of needed supplies:


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